LATCH 駅員日誌

小鳥遊 悠吏

Let me make it clear.


The interim results were announced for the 'Eki-Men General Election', and I could truly sense the passion of all the passengers. This is an entirely new challenge; unlike anything I've experienced with Hazime-san before. I definitely don't want to miss the opportunity to share the stage with Shoji-sama. Everyone apart from Shoji-sama is a rival, so I'm putting in every effort to advance.


That's why... Let me make it clear: What's happening with the peaceful atmosphere in Elegant Block? Shouldn't we ignite a more competitive spirit? This time, it's a battle where only five out of thirty will be chosen. Regardless of the outcome, we should give it our all to avoid any regrets! Well, my convictions may be sound, but gosh, I can’t help myself; caught up in tea time with Mr. Soma, engaging in unique conversations with Mr. Godai and Mr. Aeba, delving into profound literary discussions with Mr. Kayama, and enchanted by Mr. Hanabusa's beautiful worldview. I'm nearly forgetting that we're in the midst of a battle! What a dilemma!


Starting tomorrow, it's back to the fight! Well, let's relax and savour the delightful tea that my Hazime-san has kindly provided me, for tonight.